Your business is home base for all your digital marketing. If you don’t get your B2B website right, it’s very hard to succeed with content marketing and lead generation. Your B2B website design is the starting point where everything comes together to attract, convert, and close leads. No cash? No problem…

Practical and profitable Websites are hard to come by, especially if you have a tight budget. If you’re not careful, your Website can become a financial drain.

Follow these tips to achieve an affordable and functional B2B website:

1. Do your research

There are numerous website redesign services in Denver and the surrounding areas. Use your network and other resources available to find the perfect match for your company, because not all website redesign services are the same. Never go with the first company you talk to; instead, use online resources like Thumbtack to compare Denver website professionals and hire the right agency.

2. Fixed-rate pay structure

If you want to design a B2B website, hire an agency that gives you a flat rate for their services. This way, you can limit unexpected costs and can adequately forecast future cash flows for your company. Denver website design agencies that charge a fixed-rate work more efficiently and take the unknown out of the equation.Bidsketch outlines some of the differences between hourly and fixed rates.

3. Web Design Template

Find a website design company in Denver that have a large library of design templates. In most cases, using a design template cuts the cost in half, and you are still able to utilize many customizable features. WordPress offers tons of website design templates and provides extra features like plugins.

4. Limit your page count

Less is More. There is no need to have a million pages on your website. Companies are starting to limit their pages to 5-10 in order to create an intuitive design and increase UX friendliness. Pagination is one of the worst design and usability sins on the web. Try and stick to single page views to save money and increase the experience users have when visiting your website.

5. Content

After designing and developing a website, you need to fill it with content. Content can get very expensive, very quickly if it is outsourced. Depending on your industry, writers can cost anywhere between $30-$100 an hour. Write the content yourself. If you are a decision maker, you probably know the most about the company anyways, and it is best if the information comes straight from the source.

Level-Up Your B2B Website Design

Clymb Marketing has improved the traditional website design process. We are able to create intuitive B2B websites in 6-8 weeks, and in an affordable manner. Our staff are armed with knowledge and expertise to increase your company’s online presence and be a resource for you. Check out our Website Design Checklist to find out if your website is working for you, or sign up for a free consultation.

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