Blogging has proven to be one of the most effective long term strategies in lead generation, whether you are just starting your business, or are a well known established one. The more you blog, the more you will rank. On the flip side, as you continue blogging, there will come a time where you have writer’s block…

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Most of the time, people are stuck with the same blogging style for every post, forgetting that there are ways to mix things up by weaving in different types of blog posts into their content schedule. Interchanging different types of blog posts will help you overcome writer’s block and keep your audience engaged. There are hundreds of different types of blog posts that you can choose from, but I’ve included a list of the most effective blog post types to increase leads and traffic to your website. Enjoy!


People love lists. It’s easier on the eyes to digest the information, and may take less time for the reader as well. People value their time more than ever, and lists are a great way to streamline information and allow them to skim for the information that they need. Lists are a great way to trim the fat off your blog and cut straight to the chase with valuable information. Some examples are: Top 5 reasons you should be blogging; The 10 most valuable lessons we’ve learned from the Simpsons; 8 ways to increase your ROI.

Lists, along with bullet points, are a great way to allow the reader to digest a lot of information. Try and do some A/B testing with the amount of bullet points in the list. For example: 9 reasons to start marketing vs. 3 reasons to start marketing, and see which one performs better. They are great for increasing traffic to your website because people are more likely to share this type of content with their friends and colleagues via social media and other verticals, especially millennials.


One of the biggest reasons people go to Google is for “how to” questions: How do I change the chain belt on my bike?; How to make homemade lasagna; How to tell if I am being considered for a raise; How do I tie a tie?; etc… People get online to search for solutions to their problems.

“How To” blog posts are great for lead generation and driving traffic to your website. The idea here is to provide value to your market, not ask for it. If someone finds your post valuable, they are more likely to share it and refer it. It is important to become an industry leader by sharing your knowledge. Sharing your knowledge with your market shows them that you are very knowledgeable and they should seek you for advice. The more you help them, the better.


Checklists are my savior at work. I love going through my “to-dos” and checking off completed items off my list. Do you? There’s something satisfying about knowing that you have accomplished something and have something tangible to reflect that. You should provide a checklist for your persona that gives them a step-by-step list of how to accomplish something. This is similar to a “How-To” blog in the fact that it will help generate leads, but it is different because a checklist or cheat sheet leaves room for interpretation.

A “How-To” post is very straightforward and clear, but a checklist allows the reader to make the list their own. Checklists improve your credibility in your industry and can serve as a quick reference guide for your persona.


Infographics are one of my favorite types of blog posts; They grab the attention of the reader with fancy, yet meaningful statistics, while providing valuable content once the reader is hooked. Admittedly, they are not the best for lead generation, but they can prove to be a great tool and resource in your repertoire of knowledge. The purpose of an infographic is to increase awareness. Once again, you are providing value to your persona, instead of asking for it.

They’re easy to digest, very informative, and give your audience a nice break from a long content heavy blog post. Make sure you make the infographic easy to share by providing links to it directly. Sometimes, it is useful to use a landing page to direct people to download the infographic, so you can capture their contact information. Honestly, who doesn’t love an infographic?


If you do not have the time to create some content, but need to, create an interview post. It is less personal, but can provide more educational and industrial knowledge to your market. Choose an industry leader or influencer, a current customer, or anybody that can relate to your market. It is best practice to send them a list of question before hand, so they can prepare some answers. An alternative to an interview is a guest blog post.

You’re influential guest can connect to an audience that you have failed to touch, and can give you a fresh perspective. Both interviews and guest blog posts increase your chance for networking, can help with writer’s block. This is the best type of blog post to position yourself as an industry leader in your industry because it increases exposure and adds credibility and validity to your brand.


Everyone wants to be kept up to date with the latest and greatest. Position your brand as the place people go for new information regarding industry specific news and headlines. It is important to be timely and relevant when creating newsworthy posts. This type of blog post is easier to write; Focus on the news at hand, and offer your small opinion or tid bit at the end. People want to stay in the loop regarding current affairs and want to know what the buzz is all about. In no time, your customers will see you as an authority figure within your industry and turn to you for advice.


Tell a personal story; maybe a founder’s story, about the CEO, a philanthropy event your company participated in or sponsored, or a story about your first customer. Engage with your audience on more of an empathetic level and hit home to what truly matters to them. Try and connect with your market on a personal level, so you can be seen as trustworthy. Make sure not to self promote. This will be counter productive, as you are always trying to provide value, not take it.

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So, there you have it! Start fighting writer’s block and blog today! Feel free to reach out to Clymb Marketing for case studies on how blogging works in the real world, and a free consultation regarding how blogging and inbound marketing can work for you!