Inbound marketing is the new face of marketing. Traditional “interruption” marketing is no longer effective, even offensive to many consumers today. Businesses built for the future rely on lead generation strategies through inbound marketing to produce prospective clients.

With the much-needed shift to inbound marketing, a change in lead generation strategies is also overdue. These seven lead generation strategies are guaranteed to grow your business with quality leads and value-driven success.

1. Consistent and relevant blog content

The primary purpose of content is information. Blogging is the purest form of medium-length content used for lead generation today. By creating consistent and relevant blog content, your brand is positioned as an authority in your marketplace. Great blog posts are only a part of the lead generation process though. Adding a compelling call-to-action throughout your blog content will give informed readers an opportunity to connect more.

2. Offer exchanges for email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the more overlooked lead generation strategies available today. Create specific landing pages and gateway forms with quality offers in exchange for a prospect’s contact information. The offers can be anything from eBooks to white papers, giveaway products, free services or consults, any number of exchanges. The point is offering something of value that prospects are willing to trade their contact info to receive.

Once the offer exchange is made, the key is having an automated email marketing system in place to begin nurturing the lead into a converted buyer.

3. Concentrated social media engagement

Many companies make the mistake of treating social media like a bullhorn: it’s a conversation; not a shouting match. Target one to two, maybe three social media networks as the best platforms to share your brand’s message. Embrace the social aspect of social media by engaging with your audience. Ask questions, address concerns, and curate conversations with them.

4. Tradeshows

Having a public presence is another great opportunity to capture leads. By offering in-person opportunities to experience your brand’s product or services, you are creating touch points for prospective leads to opt-in for more information.

5. Brand Evangelists

Who are your top three, five, even 10 clients? Why do they love your company? What are you doing to leverage their love into future leads? Find ways to include their stories and experience into your marketing strategy. If you feature their stories in your marketing, chances are they will gladly brag about their publicity with friends and family. Their popularity can quickly become yours as well.

6. Networking

Join a reputable business networking organization to begin partnering with other businesses within your same industry sphere. For example, if you’re an auto repair shop, connecting with auto dealerships, driver’s education centers, and insurance agents would be a great networking sphere to nurture for future leads.

7. SEO Research

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the language of search engines for cataloguing your content for the most relevant search results. Taking the time to research keywords and terms specific to your brand’s industry and relevant location is one of the best ways to generate leads through inbound marketing. Build a keyword database off your research and create blog and social content to specifically target those keywords.

If your company isn’t getting the leads you want, ask us for help. We help companies understand and embrace inbound marketing through quality lead generation strategies.