Companies of all sizes and marketing budgets face the same problem: How do I know if my marketing is the most effective it can be, and how do I allocate my budget to get the best results? Your B2B Marketing Strategy should encompass all steps of the sales funnel.

“All inbound leads left unclaimed will be released back into the wild… and to your competitors.”

Make sure this doesn’t happen. Your company faces unique challenges when it comes to creating a marketing strategy. B2B buyers are more aware than ever of B2B sales efforts. The key to building a highly effective online strategy starts with identifying and understanding each aspect of your primary goals and how to best connect them.

I have created a short list of questions to ask yourself when putting together a B2B marketing strategy:

  1. What problem(s) does my product or service solve?

    – This might be an easy question to answer, but make sure your strategy revolves around expressing this to the public and emphasizes why your product or service is relevant.

  2. Who is going to be the content manager?

    – With a marketing campaign comes a lot of content. Make sure you have someone in your company that is organized and resourceful in order to create the necessary content, and manage the campaign. Ask yourself these questions: Who is going to oversee our content marketing efforts? Who is going to make sure our content is in line with our overarching goals? Someone is going to have to kick-off a workshop to demonstrate your efforts to the rest of the team.

  3. Who is my target market?

    -Arguably, the most important part of a campaign is identifying your target market. Doing this ensures that you have qualified leads coming into your sales funnel, and your budget is being spent adequately. Identify your ideal persona and customer. Ask yourself questions like: What does my customer read? What do they feel? How do they shop? Who are the key influencers in their life? What questions are they asking? What worries do they have?

  4. How am I going to reach our target market?

    – The first step in the sales funnel is to “attract”. At the top of the sales funnel, or TOFU (Top of Funnel), is where prospect attention is first captured. This is the Attraction stage of the sales process. This is where your free content is put to best use: blog posts, web content, social media sharing, webinars, etc. You want to attract visitors, engage readers, and add value from the first experience. Treat your top of the funnel like it’s a gift to your visitors. You’re not asking them for anything yet, but the preparation for that moment is critical when creating your free content.

  5. How are we going to measure the results?

    – In order to determine if your B2B marketing strategy is creating results, you must analyze and refine your efforts. It is important to tie in your marketing efforts to ROI. Make sure that you are using a software/analytics platform that can measure ROI and other key performance indicators. Read here about the metrics that you should pay most attention to.

  6. What are my current customers asking us?

    – Listen to your current customers. They can provide insight on what is working, and what is not. Their comments will allow you to refine your process and strategy to better serve and capture their attention.

  7. What is the desired outcome of your B2B marketing strategy?

    – Every strategy should have the end goal of increasing your bottom line. If you segment this goal, some immediate goals can be: generating leads, increasing sales, market awareness etc… Growth is extremely important. Don’t fall into the trap of working towards a goal that will not directly affect revenue.

  8. Do you have an editorial calendar?

    – Plan out the strategy the best you can. It is imperative that you have an editorial calendar that outlines deadlines, goals, and content that is going to make you reach those goals. You should have a process for content creation and distribution.

  9. Does my website coincide with my B2B marketing strategy?

    – Your website needs to have the same messaging as your content marketing efforts (not just your blog, but your entire website). Your brand needs to have a fluent and consistent message all throughout your business. Integrate your content into your entire sales process.

Answering these questions is a great start to ensuring you are on track for setting your B2B marketing strategy up for success. Revisit these questions as the campaign is launched so you can confirm your goals will be met. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and discussion around maximizing your budget and achieving your business goals.