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How is your company making use of social media marketing? Have you managed to get your followers engaged with the brand or are you receiving a lukewarm response? Do you know that the lead-to-close rate of social media is 100 percent higher than that of outbound marketing? At the same time, many marketers have problems with Facebook lead generation.

Such problems stem from the fact that marketers lack a comprehensive strategythat bases social media campaigns on actual customer data and proper ROI tracking. Having an experienced Denver social media marketing partner to work with can help you overcome the hindrances. Here are several other important possibilities to keep in mind, if you want to build an engaged and responsive social media community.


Every aspect of your campaign should be characterized by consistency. The number of updates, the interactions with your audience and the types of content you upload will all have to be guided by a set of strategic rules.

Your audience should be expecting the same high level and value from you. If you fail to meet the already established expectations, you’ll find it difficult to boost engagement and make the most of your social media marketing strategy.

Have a Content Plan

Use social media analytics data to see what market segment you’re reaching and what kind of information this audience expects from you. Basing your content plan on data analysis and figuring out what your audience might find interesting will certainly increase engagement.

The best Denver social media marketing professionals come up with detailedcontent curation plan. They rely on reputable industry sources and they create the perfect mix between usefulness and fun.

You can do modification during the execution of the campaign, as well. See how the audience responds to different kinds of posts. Use this information to focus your content plan even further and make the most of each opportunity.

Two helpful tools to with consistency and planning with social posts are Edgar andOktopost.

As for the ideal frequency of social posts Hubspot offers a great infographic here.

Address Questions, Concerns and Criticism

Encourage authentic communication through your social media marketing profiles. Interact with your prospects and customers, answer their questions and respond to criticism in a prompt and productive manner.

Maintaining social media presence means having to deal with difficult customers, complainers and even online trolls. Have specific guidelines for each type of communication.

Engaging with Social Media Community Influencers

Getting influencers involved can have tremendous impact on your social media presence.

Identify the most prominent industry influencers. See how they are approaching the concept of social media marketing. Learn from their biggest successes and pinpoint the practices that could deliver benefits for your own online presence.

Developing a relationship with such influencers could also be tremendously beneficial. These companies already have a well-established audience. Share their posts, write insightful comments and generate an interesting discussion. You’ll certainly get noticed by their audience, increasing your chance of maximizing the campaign’s reach.

Our friends at sevenly have mastered this approach, take a look at their social presence and outreach for inspiration.

Denver social media marketing requires hard work, consistency and creativity. You should come up with a unique concept that addresses the needs of your audience. Take your time to research successful practices and find a reliable partner. Don’t give up, even if your initial attempts fail getting the desired response.

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