Basecamp Case Study Blue Fox Group

Businesses are raising their expectations of IT solution firms.

The Blue Fox Group believes in a better solution that starts with caring about your IT needs just as much as you do. The Blue Fox Group is a team of experienced IT professionals based out of Tempe, AZ. They combine the latest in IT, phone, cloud, security, and network cabling know-how with “you-first” customer service.


Clymb Marketing started our work with the Blue Fox Group through a Basecamp engagement. This helped the Blue Fox Group acclimate to the new digital marketing terrain by further defining their target market. This engagement also facilitated creating a website that would attract, target, and convert their ideal demographic. This Basecamp solution informed new brand messaging and design elements as part of their updated digital footprint.


The biggest challenge facing Blue Fox Group was an outdated branding and website presence. Their digital presence didn’t reflect the personality of their company. The Blue Fox Group needed to update their branding and website to more accurately represent their digital footprint.


The Blue Fox Group is now completely acclimated to the digital marketing environment. Their updated branding is consistent with their target audience’s interest and captures their colleagues’ attention in the IT space. Their new website experience allows prospective clients to engage with their brand messaging with ease and clearly communicates the internal culture of the company. With the completion of the Basecamp engagement, Blue Fox Group is able to leverage their new brand identity and website experience into much greater lead generation opportunities than ever before.