Guided Expedition Case Study Grand Pacific Resorts

Grand Pacific Resorts holds the pristine recognition of being RCI Gold Crown Resorts.

Grand Pacific Resorts is an industry leader in vacation ownership experiences with almost 20 charming resorts throughout California and Hawaii. Their professional management team is responsible for helping 70,000 families enjoy time away and time together.


Grand Pacific Resorts is an older vacation ownership company that was still relying on traditional marketing techniques. Cold calling to Direct mail has been a staple of their marketing strategy based on lead cards from friends who visited and invested in their vacation experiences. Grand Pacific Resorts had not tried to generate online lead generations at any level of predictability.


Our Clymb Marketing team launched a 90-Day Trek focused on a specific promotional campaign offer to gain initial traction on a two-day stay at one of their resorts. We implemented this strategy through Facebook advertising tactics and generated an engaging campaign that reached over 99,296 people in 90 days. We optimized this campaign by landing page optimization, testing multiple offers, and more.


We were able to establish a clear cost per acquisition (CPA) for new vacation ownership opportunities through our 90-Day Trek. Our Facebooks ads were shared over 284 times, liked 838 times, and generated 49 comments from prospects. This initial engagement on the hyper-targeted ads is what helped us reach over 99,000 people in 90 days.

Our efforts generated 2,722 qualified leads generated that resulted in 157 packages with a 6% closing rate. Grand Pacific Resorts secured 157 ownership deals in the initial 90 days with an established cost per lead of approximately $40. We are now extending the initial 90-Day Trek and moved into a scalable, long-term opportunity as a Guided Expedition. The total return on investment so far has been a 5x return.