Custom Logo Design

Over the years, we have come to realize that logo design is among the most important segments of the branding process. At Clymb, we are entirely committed to creating amazing logo designs for all of our clients in the greater Denver area.

Are you looking for a logo design specialist that will make your business stand out?

Business owners frequently don’t realize how important it is to have an effective logo that appeals to customers. A logo is so much more than a pretty picture — it is a visual representation of what your company is all about. One of the best ways to connect with your target audience is by creating a simple, eye-catching visual form that is original and timeless. If you are looking for an effective logo, it’s important to hire a company that has this in mind.
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The Top Branding Choice for Denver’s Businesses

If you are located in Denver and you’re looking for a killer logo to revamp your business, our team at Clymb is happy to get you there. Rather than making you choose between a range of different cookie-cutter logos, we start by getting a sense of what your company is all about. We like to exchange thoughts with you about what your mission is and whether you have any prerequisites for your logo design. After we’ve set a good foundation, our team gets started on the research. The creative team then puts that into practice and strives to find the best possible design for your company.

Whether your business is a small startup or a large established company, our logo designs have several things in common. They are all:

  • Simple
  • Eye-catching
  • Effectiveg
  • Timeless
  • Tailored to your target audience
  • Appropriate to your specific business

Our Unique Custom Logo Design Process

Over the years, we have adopted a customized approach to logo design which has proven to help us create amazing designs that make our clients happy. If you are interested in what this approach entails, take a look our steps in more detail:

1. Strategic discovery and research
Our first priority when being hired to design a logo is to meet up with our client and discover what their business is all about. We conduct an informal interview and discuss all of the different expectations that they might have from us and our work. Following the initial meeting, we conduct independent research on trends in your business’ industry, as well as existing material we can find on your own business. We then create a short brief outlining different aspect of our discovery and we share it with our client for feedback. This allows us to be on the same page as our client.

2. Development of the initial logo concept
In the second phase of logo development, our creative team proceeds to brainstorm certain visual ideas based on the brief that we had previously agreed upon. The number of initial concepts that we develop depends on the business, but we normally have somewhere between five and ten concepts at this stage of the process.

3. Refining stage
Once we have completed the initial sketches, we share them with our client and ask for feedback. More often than not, we succeed in getting a logo that our client likes the first time around. However, if they happen to have certain comments or additions that they’d like us to make, we proceed with the refining stage. It normally doesn’t take more than two or three rounds to get the design that our client is entirely happy with.

4. Logo production stage

Once we have a final design, we proceed with the logo production stage. This means we make sure that your logo will be available in a range of different file formats and ready for use in any medium. Once we’ve completed the logo design, we deliver the files to you — and they’re ready to be used!

Custom Logo Designs That Will Wow Your Customers

If you are interested in finding out ways we could improve your existing design or what we could do for your new startup business, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team at Clymb is happy to offer a free consultation and discuss potential avenues for giving your company’s branding a boost. Feel free to call us today at 720-306-1541!