Digital marketing done right will help you increase brand popularity tremendously but digital marketing done wrong can be lethal for your business. Your online reputation will pretty much determine audience engagement, which is why you have to make sure that every element has been executed with attention to detail.

Even the best of marketing firms commit a number of basic mistakes that could potentially be destructive. The following list presents some of the most common ones and their consequences.

Failure to Define Campaign Objectives

What are you trying to accomplish with your campaign? You need to have a pre-established goal and you have to choose digital marketing techniques on the basis of that objective.

Being over-ambitious or failing to come up with an objective will make your strategy void of a direction. As a business owner, you have to determine what marketing goal is the most important one. Are you trying to save money, boost competitiveness or reach a new target market? Letting your marketing team know will result in better alignment of techniques and objectives.

Failure to Track the Right Metrics

Denver marketing firms use a medley of analytics tools to track performance. In fact, the possibility to examine results while the campaign is taking place ranks among the biggest digital marketing advantages.

Choosing the right metrics will be determining for assessing the effectiveness of the campaign and the ROI. Numbers lay the foundation of digital marketing, you simply have to make sure that you are tracking the right figures.

Content Creation for the Sake of Content Creation

We all know that content is kind and when it comes to digital marketing, it can make all the difference in the world. Content creation without context, however, will make the campaign void of meaning. This is one of the reasons why we created the content marketing blue print.

You’ll need a bit of external assistance to create high quality content and to make those efforts focused. Numerous Denver marketing firms specialize in web copy creation and if you want to use this tool for reputation establishment, you should probably look for professional assistance.

Lacking a Mobile Campaign

Nearly 57 percent of Americans own a smartphone and these people spend approximately two hours per day using such a mobile device, Search Engine Journal reports. Statistics show that by 2015, the mobile segment will generate 35 percent more spending in comparison to 2012 figures.

Failing to account for the needs of the mobile crowd will result in a huge digital marketing gap. More and more people look for local products and services via a tablet or a smartphone. How are you targeting this mobile audience and is your message reaching this segment at all?

Mobile marketing will be gaining more and more importance in the years to come. The platform is still relatively new, which is why you have time to incorporate it in your digital marketing efforts. Otherwise, you’ll be missing on a huge brand establishment and revenue generation opportunity.

Spammy Social Media Marketing Tactics

Social media provide the perfect tools for promoting your own website but be considerate of the audience’s needs.

Many digital marketers get carried away, committing the grave sin of building a spammy social media marketing campaign. Using Facebook or Twitter to simply post links to your corporate website and share information about products will cost you the audience sooner or later.

Take your time to come up with a content curation strategy. Use different sources of information and give members of your network something valuable. Taking extra time to establish a community will pay off in the long run.

Digital marketing has its specifics and learning through trial and error isn’t the most cost effective approach. Do you need assistance in getting started? Our Beginners Guide to Inbound Marketing will give you an overview of the essential strategies and techniques that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with.

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