Glazier Clinic Realizes 443% Lead Increase With New Lead Generation Campaign

Glazier Clinics is the top football coaching clinics organization in the United States. Glazier boasts 36 clinics nationwide in 2015 with over 8,500 football programs in projected attendance. When it comes to football coaching, Glazier is where the best coaches go for elite football training.
Glazier Clinics presented by Riddell


Glazier Clinics needed to increase the number of online leads for their clinics around the US. This was a timely campaign as seats needed to be filled while also reducing the average cost per customer conversion. In order to be profitable, Glazier needed to let their advertising costs qualify their online leads to be within a set range of buying potential.


We went through and re-built the entire paid search strategy for Glazier, focusing on refreshed copy, pointed advertising and laser targeted demographics. In revising all of the keyword research for the specific Glazier clinic locations, we were able fill each clinic over the course of 3 months.


Over the course of 3 months the re-structured paid search campaign started to get results that were truly scalable. We increased the conversion rate by over 443%, saw the click through rate soar over 137% and we also were able to drop the cost per lead by -92%.The ultimate goal was to create predictable revenue by solidifying a paid search campaign that produced bottom line sales and decrease the cost of a new customer.


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