What does a great B2B website look like? The design has to be simple, functional and highly relevant. Visitors of B2B websites don’t have all the time in the world, which is why they need to get information quickly and in the most efficient way possible. Today’s business buyers do not contact suppliers directly until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete. This is why it is so imperative that you think thoughtfully through your B2B website design.

These simple rules guide the world of B2B website design. A number of companies have managed to do B2B online developments right, impressing with the creative and intelligent approach towards design selection.

Looking for great examples of B2B website design? Here are a few elements and solutions that companies have incorporated in their online presence and that work incredibly well.

State The Value That You Create Clearly

A value proposition is the first element that one should see when they hit your site.A useful definition of value proposition is “a believable collection of the most persuasive reasons people should notice you and take the action you’re asking for.” If you are struggling with your companies value proposition there are useful VP examples here.

Basecamp does an excellent job at presenting expertise through B2B website designas they use social proof to validate their value proposition as the “World’s #1 Project Management App.” The two specific numbers make the claim believable (“6,232 companies” and “97% recommend”). The VP headline on the homepage makes it instantly clear what the page is all about and what kinds of services the company specializes in.


Use the Navigation to Present Your Services And Product

Clear, descriptive and simple to use navigation is another B2B website design staple. None of use has much patience when surfing the web and if it is a frustrating experience navigating through your site you will lose those potential leads. Give these prospects what they are looking for, if you want to boost engagement, maximize conversations and close a bigger number of deals. One competitive advantage is to not hide or obscure pricing information in your site as Business customers report pricing as the top most needed piece of information online, yet B2B sites don’t show it.

MasseyFerguson is an excellent example of a B2B website that uses navigation creatively. You have several homepage menus that direct attention towards the solutions and a second navigation bar that focuses on the specific products that they offer. The website has a standard horizontal navigation bar but it gives visitors several other opportunities to find the content that they need.

Massey Ferguson

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!

Many company representatives are looking for B2B products and services on the go. Has your website been optimized for mobile viewing? Over 60% of traffic is now mobile and if your site is not mobile friendly you could be missing on an amazing opportunity to find new prospects.

A mobile website has to look sleek, minimalist and properly structured. Responsive design is great and its prominence will continue growing in the future.TheaBDTeam.com website presents the services of an insurance and finance company. Regardless of the subject matter, the website looks incredibly cool and modern. Its mobile version has been crafted smartly to direct attention towards the most important company services.

The ADB Team

Bold Visuals

Bold visuals working with powerful copy will make the audience wander and it will also get these people willing to find out more about the B2B services you have to offer.

Sometimes, breaking the rules is essential for making the most of B2B website development. If you have an idea that you are 100 percent committed to, you’ll simply have to find the web design team ready to bring that vision to reality.

Sprint.com/business is a wonderful example of how great graphics and fun content can work together to break stereotypes and create something refreshing in the world of B2B. Any website that comes with a slogan like “empower your weirdoes” will be capable of keeping the audience engaged for more than a couple of seconds.


Good B2B web design takes your industry and your company’s values in consideration. Following basic functionality rules is essential but you can still have fun and step outside the boundaries. Do you need a bit of assistance in terms of establishing your B2B online presence and launching an effective marketing campaign? Our B2B marketing checklist will help you get started.

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