Business Website = Your Home base

Your business website is the home base for your digital marketing strategy and it’s the one piece of the marketing puzzle that you simply can not skip. Having an established home base for your business will increase your digital marketing ROI as you have a clear way to help prospective customers along in the buyer’s journey from

Awareness → Consideration → Decision.

If you don’t get your website right, it’s very hard to succeed with digital marketing and lead generation.

In the past, a “great business website” was aesthetically appealing as the “look” of the website is what was primarily judged. The marketing landscape has changed though as just having something a pretty website isn’t nearly enough to build a business online., Here are a few things to consider to effectively allow your website to build your business:

  • Define your business’ buyer journey, from Awareness → Consideration → Decision and how prospects will go through this journey on your website. Our favorite practice is to take three differently colored post-it notes and map out the buyer journey in the Discovery part of our website design process.
  • Determine your company’s value proposition. The value proposition for your company is a “believable collection of the most persuasive reason your target customers should do what you’re hoping they will do.”
  • Define your customers’ most important questions. A marketing philosophy that we learned from our friend Marcus Sheridan is simple: “They Ask, You Answer.” In the Discovery phase we help our clients think through all the questions that are asked by potential customers and develop a content strategy that allows their business website to be found when those questions are asked.
  • Find your cost per acquisition (CPA) for your customers. When you are doing lead generation or content market effectively, you will be able to determine your company’s CPA. Your website is vital in this process as it’s the main point of conversion for capturing leads.

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