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Doing lead generation for your business online can be a game changer for the growth of your business. What we do for lead generation is create micro-channel testing experiments, determine where we are seeing traction, established a cost per acquisition (CPA) for the business, determine where profitability consists within the current business model with the proven CPA, and then we scale accordingly.

Here is an example of how powerful lead generation can be when done right:

If we can prove that we can acquire a customer for $100, we can then calculate what a new customer is worth (for example, $3,000 annually) and the lifetime value of a customer is hypothetically over $5,500. With proven numbers we can then scale lead generation as the numbers simply make sense.

We have worked with a variety of different companies in several industries by helping them create a solid lead generation strategy.

Here are a few client success stories:

  • We increased qualified leads by 300% for a window company while cutting cost per lead by 40%. This produced a 221% sales increase in the last 12 months.
  • We increase leads by 50% in first week working with a software technology company. They landed a $35k contract in the first seven days.
  • We generated $1MM in revenue in first six months of engagement for an eCommerce client with only a $100k in ad spend.
  • Paid Search doesn’t work for every industry, but we have found the type of clients with which we can create predictable revenue.

Here are the questions to ask:

  1. Is your service/product researched online?
  2. Are people currently purchasing it online?
  3. Is this a high-cost item (example: consulting~$1,000+) or a small-cost item (example: book~$5)?
  4. High-cost items are easier to justify the cost for lead generation services.
  5. Are you currently running or have run a paid search campaign?
  6. If you answered “Yes!” to three out of those four questions, then we should talk.

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