Depending on the size and scope of the website, we have seen that 75% of website projects shouldn’t take more than six weeks for design and develop. The biggest exception to that are large e-commerce websites and websites with more than 100+ website pages.

We have built hundreds of websites over the years, and in doing so, we have built a web design process that simply works. We break out our website design process into five phases that takes six weeks to go from a simple whiteboard idea to a live website. The five phases of designing and building a website are: Discovery, Design, Develop, Testing, and Launch.

Discovery: 1 week

During the Discovery phase, we have our client fill out a website questionnaire to get a good idea of what they need in their new website. We kick off the project with either an in-person meeting or Skype call where we can share screens during the conversation. This entire phase is all about extracting what the vision and goals should be for the new website being created.

  • New client website questionnaire
  • In person or Skype strategy meeting
  • Client provides all necessary documents (brand style guide, photos, etc)

Design: 2 weeks

After the Discovery phase, we go into the Design phase where we start creating a wireframe of your new website. The wireframe acts as the blueprint for the website and upon approval of it, we then begin designing the home page. In order to save time and resources, we always start with the home page design and then move into the design for the internal pages.

In order to maximize time efficiency, we also set up a time for the client to meet with our copy editor to conduct an interview for the content of the website pages. From this interview our copy editor will write all of the website copy and get final approval during the website design phase.

  • Create Wireframe of website and client approves.
  • Clymb Marketing sets up website copy meeting with client. In this meeting Clymb Marketing’s copy editor interviews client with targeted questions to extract the needed copy for each page on the website.
  • Home page design is created, client submits edits, and Clymb Marketing incorporates client’s suggestions and feedback.
  • First round of website copy is submitted and Clymb Marketing edits copy, incorporating the Client’s suggestions and feedback.
  • Inner page design is created and approved website copy is implemented into design.
  • Final approval of web design and copy from client, which moves to the Development phase.

Develop: 2 weeks

Once the web design is approved, we move into the development of the website. We have built websites on a variety of platforms, but our favorite is building on WordPress’ content management system. During the Development phase we will put the converted designs on a test URL on our servers for the client to see the live progress as the site is being built. Once the website is fully built, we go through a round of revisions and into the Testing phase.

  • Clymb Marketing converts design concepts into a test URL on the development server.
  • Clymb Marketing continues to build out sub-pages of website and sets up marketing automation, if necessary.
  • Clymb Marketing sends test URL to client for live review of the site and one round of text and image edits.

Testing & Launch: 1 week

The website is on the test URL, the client has submitted changes that have been implemented, and from there, we go into a full regression testing of the website. This testing is conducted by our quality assurance team for both usability and compatibility on all major browsers as well as desktop, tablet, and mobile.

  • Clymb Marketing then conducts internal testing, full regression testing, and implements reviews and edits.
  • Clymb Marketing then sends test URL to client and conducts a walk-through of the new website for final approval from client.
  • Clymb Marketing talks through launch details and sets date for new website going live.

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