Having a website for your business should be a no-brainer decision, as you understand that over 94% of B2B buyers research online when making a purchasing decision. The reality is that prospects are searching online for your products and services and you need to have something in place to help, but you are just not sure what type of website would be the best fit for your company.

Three Core Types Of Business Websites

As a web design agency, we have been building websites for businesses over the years and have seen that there are three core types of business websites. Figuring out what type of website is aligned with your business goals is key to helping you to determine the right website solution for your company. Here are the three different types of business websites that we see everyday and the benefits and costs associated with each of them: Business Brochure Website, Contemporary Business Website and Business Building Website.

Business Brochure Website

Unfortunately, this is the most common business website on the web today. The business brochure website is a standard website built to just having “something” there for a business to tell potential customers who you are, what you do, and how they can get a hold of you. These are the websites that Wix.com, Weebly.com, andWeb.com who have been running commercials lately about building a business website for free.

We all agree that having some kind of website for your business is better than having nothing. This is the best solution for the business that is starting without significant capital. The business brochure website is not going to grow your business.


  • At least you have something up for people to see when searching for your company’s product or services. When a potential customer searches for your company online, you should be in their search results.
  • Potential customers can get your information to contact you and hopefully it is easy for them to find your information.
  • Congratulations! You are ahead of the curve as over 52% of businesses still do not have a website.


  • Usually brochure websites are not mobile-friendly, which means they are not easy to view on a mobile phone or tablet device. With over 50% of website traffic being mobile, this can be a big missed opportunity for businesses.
  • Business brochure websites are very “me” focused as they are not taking potential customers into consideration. The content on the website is all about how great the company is without thoughtfully addressing the questions that customers are making every day.
  • 84% of potential customers visit a company’s website before making a buying decision and the lack of quality design and content can reflect a negative perceived value of your company.

What type of business should create a business brochure website?

If you value building your business for the long-term, we would encourage you to bypass this option all together. If you are just starting out though and need to get something up soon, this could be a good solution for you.

How much does a brochure website normally cost?

Free – $1,500

Contemporary Business Website

The contemporary business website is where every business should be at the very least if they are doing business in the 21st century. The contemporary business website is usually about 4-8 website pages, uses stock photography, has decent graphic design, is mobile-friendly, and the site primarily talks about the benefits of working with the company’s service or product. The company that decides to go with a contemporary business website knows they should invest in a website, but they don’t want to break the bank in doing so.


  • This website is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and shows a level of professionalism beyond a brochure website.
  • A contemporary business website is communicating that you do understand how the marketing landscape has changed and you want to be helpful to prospective customers.
  • You are capitalizing on the opportunity of prospects searching for your business. You have created a clear way for potential customers to contact you through a “Contact Us” page on the website.


  • The contemporary business website believes in the false marketing promise, “If we build it, they will come.” It’s a great tagline in theField of Dreams, but not a great marketing strategy when building your business.
  • This type of website has a very generic feel to it as the business is still writing website content that is all about “how great they are.” The contemporary website is still telling people how awesome the business is without addressing the questions that their customers are asking.
  • The contemporary business website is not using digital marketing tools to collect prospects’ information and nurture those prospects to a purchasing decision. The only leads they get are from people who hear about them and decide to reach out through the website.

What type of business should do a contemporary business website?

We suggest that a business should invest in a contemporary business website as the bare minimum in today’s economy. Most of the businesses that fit this solution well are local small businesses that have 2-8 employees and are doing between $100k-$500k a year in business.

How much does a contemporary business website normally cost?


Business-Building Website

The company who invests in the business-building website is one that understands that ­­­­the marketing landscape has changed and that they need to become the most helpful teachers online in their industry. A company that invests in a business-building website sees the value in turning their offline sales process into a digital format that works outside of the 8-5 business hours.

The business-building website is not simply telling customers how great they are, the company is showing their expertise teaching and answering questions they are asked every day. A business-building website practically solves prospective customers’ problems by addressing them directly and in return, capturing prospective customers’ information.


  • A business-building website is an investment that pays for itself as it generates potential customers by attracting them. You can create a whole new stream of revenue for your company, as anyone who is searching online can become a potential customer.
  • A business-building website uses digital marketing tools to scale marketing efforts beyond just sheer manpower. With a business-building website, it’s possible to determine the cost per acquisition for your business and realistically grow 10-100x. Here is just one example of a company that we have worked with to accomplish these types of growth goals.
  • No longer are you wasting time trying to convince prospects to do business with you. You now have prospects who are truly interested in your product and service. They are interested because you are providing the most helpful information in their research for this painful problem that they are having.


  • The investment to build a business-building website is much higher than the other two options.
  • A business-building website is a long-term investment that is not simply a one-time fee; there are recurring costs that are associated.
  • You must put a process in place that follows up with leads and closes those opportunities accordingly. Without the proper follow-up sales process, your marketing investment can be carelessly wasted.

How much does a Business-Building website normally cost?

Starts at $10,000+ with recurring monthly marketing costs

What type of business should invest in a business building website?

The only type of business that should invest in a business-building website is one with aggressive growth goals. This is not for the business that wants to retain, rinse, and repeat what they have been doing for years. This type of solution is for businesses that have a desire to grow and the vision to make the investment in a scalable solution.

If you can answer “Yes!” to two out of these three questions, then you probably fit best with the business-building website solution:

  1. Is your product or service research online? If you don’t know, we can help you with a free consultation call here.
  2. Does your product or service have a high cost associated with it? Does your product or service costs $2,000 or more?
  3. Are there competitors who are actively doing paid search in your industry?Paid search refers to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or Video advertising for example.

As a website design agency, we solely work with companies that are looking to grow their company through business-building websites. Our expertise is in solving the #1 problem that every business faces: getting more customers, and one way that we do that is through website design. We would be more than happy to point you in the right direction if you are looking for a brochure or contemporary business website.

Learn how long it takes to create a website here.

If you are looking to actively grow your business through digital marketing, then you should sign up here for a free website consultation or download our Web Design Strategy Checklist below to understand our process a little bit more.

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