“Is it possible to get leads through our website?” This is a question our Clymb team hears on a regular basis from both startups and more established companies. The answer is yes! Not only is it possible to get leads from your website, it’s actually one of the most effective marketing methods today. The key to creating quality marketing leads is knowing how your website is positioned for your customer’s interests and needs.

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Inbound marketing is designed to direct the right type of web traffic to your website using engaging, valuable content and strategic keywords used by your audience. Research shows that B2B companies that create custom content, such as blog posts and eBooks, generate 67% more leads through their website. (WebDAM) So, does publishing a blog post mean your phone will ring with ten new clients tomorrow? Not exactly, as nice as that would be!

What it does mean is that prospective customers are visiting your site for one reason: they believe you have the answer, whether it’s a product or service, to resolve their questions or needs. At Clymb, we follow the great principle shared by our friend Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion: “They ask, you answer.” Simply put, what are the questions your customers are asking about your company or service/product, and how can you best answer their questions?

You can create a great eBook comparing your product against its top competitors to help your readers understand the difference. Your sales staff or management team can help answer some of your customers’ more commonly asked questions in a series of blog posts. You can research the top keywords people are using to find your website and create content to best fit their searches.

By answering your customers’ questions and concerns through helpful content, it creates natural opportunities to continue the conversation with a member of your sales team, which is a great sales lead. Your content helps educate and inspire your prospective customers to already know more about why your company is different. Generating great leads starts with answering your customer’s questions better than any of your competitors.

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