First of all… congrats! By understanding and catching a vision for content marketing as a whole, you are on the path to becoming an awesome modern day marketer. That’s the magic of content marketing: it genuinely carries the power as a marketing concept to set your company up for the next David vs. Goliath case study. So, you’re half way to disrupting your market.

Now, on to how to make content marketing work for your company. Let’s start with the hardest, yet most underpenetrated business model poised for disruption by using content marketing.

B2B Content Marketing Services

Historically, this is a challenging platform to sell from; after all, you’re selling something subjective- your service. Depending on how dialed in your service offering is and what your business niche is, you’re likely in an industry that is not overrun with content. In that case, be prepared to dominate. Start with internal discussion documenting what questions are most frequently asked by your potential and existing clients through this exercise, “They Ask You Answer.”

Secondly, use Hubspot’s keyword builder or Google’s Keyword Planner to understand how competitive the keywords are in your space. Likely, most long-tail keywords relevant to your business have a medium amount of traffic (500-1,500 monthly inquiries) and a low difficulty to rank organically for the more niche concepts. Thus, if you’re a consulting firm that specializes in setting up craft breweries with the proper legal and financial documentation to start a brewery, a common question might be, “How do I get a liquor license in…?” By answering this question strategically for each state in which this is frequently searched, you will capture qualified traffic.

For a niche B2B services company, you will likely find the greatest success in generating organic traffic through in-depth keyword research and well-written articles targeting these specific questions.

B2B Product or B2B Software Content Marketing

Welcome to the big leagues! B2B SaaS companies are some of the best-in-class at content marketing. Take Salesforce as an example. With six different industry focuses for their blog alone and well-defined calls to action for a buyer at any level of the funnel, they’re poised for capturing leads. If you’re playing in the competitive SaaS space specifically, be prepared to invest time and resources into a multi-medium approach and a well-defined digital sales funnel, built to capture and identify leads at various buyer stages.

A basic initial structure would be to write one eBook tied to a landing page and an email nurturing sequence for every 16 blogs you publish. Make it a goal to knock out that content all as a package to begin your content marketing test. Once laid out, feed leads into your old prospect list you’ve gathered through trade shows over the past year. Share the eBook landing page to your prospects and take note of your conversion rate. Rinse and repeat.

B2C Content Marketing Services

Selling a service to a consumer is an old practice if you think about it. We’ve always needed haircuts, houses (or tents) built, and even more complex things cared for, like our own health. These relationships have always been built first and foremost on trust, which then leads to great word-of-mouth. These are typically very “sneezable” categories of commerce. In other words, if my wife finds a good hairstylist, she will tell someone to go to them when they comment on how cute her hair looks.

In today’s digital review-driven environment, these services are quickly either proven successful or failures. The content shared in these reviews is paramount to your growth. So the simple advice I’d offer is, be excellent at what you do, and encourage people to write reviews about it in a non-pandering way.

The content marketer’s approach takes this approach to an exponential level. Take River Pools as a classic example. They took the most common questions asked about building and installing a pool at home and answered those questions honestly and strategically online. In fact, some of their blog posts have been traced to $1.5M in sales. For a local pool company that can’t scale at a national level, that’s incredible. Read more about this here:

All that to say, be excellent at serving and educating your customers, both online and in person. The “givers gain” and the stories you create by doing so will serve you particularly well in this category.

B2C Product Marketing

If your product is over $50, chances are there are more than a few consumers in your space that are going to do some research online about your product category first. In fact, as the retail price point goes up, the amount of time researching an item goes up.

A similar principle applies to items that can potentially be unsafe or have safety related to them. Don’t believe us? Watch an expectant mother research the best car seat for her soon-to-be born child and review what she has found online with her spouse.

The bottom line for this category is to be a resource for that buyer in their researching process. Offer content that compares your product quickly and easily to your competitors in an objective way. Offer inspiring content that excites someone about the benefits, not the features of your product. Above all, start by educating the consumer on some of the problems they might encounter if they don’t choose your product, and educate them on the solutions in the market and how you thoughtfully created your product to address those problems. Think Dyson vacuums

Content marketing has been around since before Guinness, yes, the brewer, published its first Guinness Book of World Records for publication and distribution in bars to settle arguments and build brand awareness and trust among beer drinkers worldwide. So, don’t overthink it and just start creating content, but don’t forget to always use a call to action. (You have to convert people, people!)

Speaking of… here is ours. The best way to start with content marketing is to know what path to follow. Our Clymb team created a step-by-step guide to help you gain traction and build credibility as an expert in your field through content marketing.


trail guide for climbing the content marketing mountain