B2B Software Has 385% increase in qualified leads

Kalibrate Technologies is an industry leader in fuel retail and convenience store research and strategy. Some of the largest fuel retailers in the world rely on Kalibrate’s technology to succeed. Kalibrate uses the latest in traffic metrics and fuel retail research to determine the maximum profit potential for current and prospective retail sites.

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Kalibarte is a sales-driven company that wasn’t initially positioned for lead generation. Forbes.com reports that as much as 70% of the B2B sales process now occurs online before initial contact is even made. Our Clymb Marketing team wanted to set up a micro-test, of sorts, with one part of Kalibrate’s business. Our mission was to prove that Inbound Marketing and lead generation could work for Kalibrate.


We created three campaigns with a complete sales funnel strategy: applied Inbound Marketing framework, paid lead generation efforts, and keyword research. We acquired new leads through paid search strategies and entered them into the sales funnel. We gave the leads an opportunity to let us know they were interested in what Kalibrate had to offer by creating consistent communication across email channels.


The results were fantastic. With both strategies fully engaged, we increased Kalibrate’s web traffic by 225% and produced 385% increase in qualified leads. The Kalibrate sales team was able to receive qualified leads through SalesForce instead of having to simply rely on cold-calling techniques. Our marketing efforts produced a 13x return on initial investment through lead generation.

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