Kansas City Lawyer SEO Case Study

How one law firm in Kansas City increased their traffic 180% in one year

Case Study (Employment Attorney in Kansas City )

Main Services: Discrimination & Consumer Rights Attorneys

Local Area: Kansas City, MO

Target Audience: Anybody who has suffered from employment issues, discrimination, harassment or personal injury. Also covering criminal defense and family law.

Local SEO Goals

To create more visibility online in local Kansas city area and increase traffic and leads through the website. The main goal would be having a systematic way to generate more leads through increased local online traffic to the website’s contact form and phone calls.

Challenges We Have Had to Overcome

We worked with this client for 2+ years in that time the website and individual services needed to be completely overhauled due each service not having it own pages and a lack copy on existing pages.
The client also changed the business name a few time in the past 24 months as new partners joined the company.


Search Engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo

Campaign Length: 2+ years

Increase in Traffic:

Year 1 – Overall Increase in traffic year one was 180%

Year 2 – Overall Increase in traffic for year two was 45%

This increase was also across all pages and with increase in the number of pages viewed showing greater engagement and better qualified leads.

No.1 rankings over the same period have also greatly increased resulting in the increase of traffic.

One key aspect of effective local seo is ranking for keywords that show “buying intentionality.” It doesn’t do any good to increase traffic that doesn’t ultimately lead to a sale. For this employment attorney we went after the following keywords and saw significant increase in ranking which produced qualified search traffic to the website.

Important Keyword Increases:

“Kansas City Law Firm”

“Discrimination Lawyer Kansas City”

“Kansas City Employment Attorney”

“Wrongful Termination Attorneys”

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