Mad Men Marketing

Mad Men Marketing

We love the TV show Mad Men and what marketing professional wouldn’t enjoy seeing how the giants of the past use to run their agencies. The problem is that most marketing agencies today are still running their services like Don Draper is at the helm.

Paul Roetzer talks about these type of agencies in his book Marketing Agency Blue Print:

“They want to sit in rich mahogany corner offices with 21-year old scotch on ice, and brood over their grandiose and flowery advertisement campaigns. They rely too heavily on traditional out-bound marketing techniques, such as television advertisement and cold calling, which allow them to safely distance themselves from nitty-gritty operations side of marketing and direct contact with the end consumer.”

There are many detached Don Drapers in the marketing agency and in the new world of online media one cannot simply rely on creating deep and lofty brand awareness to produce measurable results.

One of the reasons why we started Clymb Marketing was because we saw this switch happening right before our eyes, the movement from outbound marketing to inbound marketing. Digital marketing has changed the way we do business as it’s no longer effective to interrupt your customers (TV, Print Radio, ie: outbound marketing) with your message as it is to create valuable content that attracts, educates and converts into paying customers (Blogging, Email, Social Media, SEO, ie: inbound marketing).

Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan describe that:

“In order to move from outbound to inbound marketing, you need to stop interrupting people in your target market and “get found” by them instead. “

Why We Jumped Into Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing gives businesses the ability to boost search engine rankings, generate inbound links, and drive website traffic, which are all proven lead generators and most importantly it’s all transparent, valuable and measurable. We were on the receiving end working in corporate a few years when a high priced marketing consulting firm turned in their glorified 100 page deck with all the “answers” our company needed to implement to jump start revenue and build consistent lead generation. Being on the receiving end of that high priced document is not a good feeling and because of experiences like this that we decided that from day one we would be looking to deliver the blueprint and implementation for helping businesses grow.

Overview of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing also strengthens your business brand and enhances thought-leadership positioning, which can have a much greater impact on your long-term growth, stability and success. The most powerful and profitable inbound marketing campaigns will use content and community to build loyalty, resulting in:

Higher retention rates and brand loyalty. Both create a more stable and reliable revenue base for your business.

Greater profit opportunities because by building a loyal customer base that you are in constant communication will allow you to launch successful new initiatives that you business creates in the future.

Educated customers who know what you do, how you do it and the results that you provide. Word of mouth always spreads when your customers can explain the value that your company provides on a consistent basis.

What benefits do you see in moving beyond mad men marketing?