How to raise $280,000 in thirty days on Kickstarter

Notion began as a TechStars startup based out of Boulder, Colorado. We first connected with Notion two weeks before the intended launch of their Kickstarter campaign for their home awareness system. We didn’t have time on our side, but fortunately, Notion built a remarkable product. The Notion sensor can detect eight variables, including how much propane is left in your tank, if a window gets broken, and which smoke detector is sounding.

Our first step with Notion was to identify their three target personas: early adopter, young professional, and a newly married. We built a strategy on how Notion could engage all personas with content that could engage with them, community that would draw them in, and opportunities for marketing conversion.

Persona Profile I: Kickstarter Kevin

With two weeks to spare, we immediately launched a targeted social ad campaign to collect email information, built an initial audience of 10,000 subscribers, and informed them of Notion’s Kickstarter launch. We developed organic content for Notion that spoke to each specific persona and distributed the content to influencers, such as Brad Feld of The Foundry.

Employing several other growth campaign techniques, we were able to double Notion’s initial goal of $50,000 in revenue in 36 hours post-launch. We continued to build momentum by layering in second and first-tier PR outreach. Notion landed placement in TechCrunch, FastCompany, Entrepreneur, TechCo, and other key outlets of interest to our core audiences. This collective effort, including targeted email campaigns, content development and distribution, and paid lead generation efforts, culminated in over a $250,000 in revenue in Notion’s 30-day Kickstarter campaign.


Notion realized they needed an agency partner as an extension of their team to strategize and build on their dynamic Kickstarter campaign.


Within two weeks of time, Clymb launched a campaign that produced content, reached Notion’s targeted audience, and converted interest into Kickstarter support.


Notion achieved one of the top 0.025% campaigns in Kickstarter campaign, raising over $280,000 in just thirty days.