Paid Search and Content Marketing, go together like PB&J? Not quite.

Paid Search is often mentioned in the same conversation as Content Marketing, and if it isn’t it should be. The reason is Paid Search can add a lot to the beginning of a great Content Marketing campaign. The two tactics core strengths, complement each others weaknesses.

Paid Search’s, core strength is driving traffic immediately upon implementation, with the right keyword strategy in place. Its core weakness, is that it is expensive to learn what works best- particularly in the first few months. The good news is that once a business learns what works, they can use paid search as a scalpel, driving traffic in a very pinpointed manner.

Content Marketing’s, core strength is driving organic traffic over time, and then converting that traffic to leads or nurturing that individual over time until they are ready to buy. The financial commitment to content marketing does require the upfront planning and strategy, but then becomes more static and predictable over time, as the right combination of content is achieved.

Both tactics drive for predictable revenue and both achieve it. When paired together efficiently, both achieve predictable revenue in spades and can scale very effectively.

The common analogy for this relationship is peanut butter and jelly. The analogy of butter and eggs, I think highlights a different insight. When frying a egg, typically you start by warming up some butter in the frying pan, this boosts the flavor of the egg and provides a non-stick surface as a benefit.

Paid search similarly, provides the quick win of immediate traffic and can drive the consumer to land on your page.

The eggs then are added to the pan, or in this case the true content is added to the strategy and the content adds the substance to the conversation.

At Clymb we approach the majority of our marketing plans for customers with this in mind. The best part is with each of these complementary tactics in place we develop a measurable foundation of what is working- and from there both tactics scale. So how would you like your eggs?