Selling consumer products goods online can be quite the challenge in itself. Typically though once the cost of acquiring a new customer through various paid platforms is identified, this process can begin to scale. Can a similar approach be worked out for selling B2B services online?

Yes, in some ways. The constant in this case is human nature. There are few common traits among any sales processes. Three common characteristics you’ll see in both consumer goods and in selling services are: getting a potential buyer’s attention, identifying their problem, and then defining how your product or service fulfills that solution. The bottom line here is that educating a buyer on their need for your service genuinely is your most efficient path to a sale.

This formula is replicated daily in infomercials (begrudgingly so), display ads, and even in C-Level conversations around the board room table. So why can’t this approach be replicated on your website? Most brands use their website as a pretty storefront to their company, yet they forget to bring a sales approach to this new great website!

Purists would argue that digital selling in a B2B environment is a necessary evil and wars at the art of selling. I’d argue that learning how to recreate those moments where someone expresses genuine interest in your sales approach with them online is an art and science. More undeniably, learning to create that moment for a non tangible service is high art. The best part is once the inbound marketing process is identified and refined, you can then crank the volume to 11.

Imagine gaining the knowledge that for every 100 visitors that you bring to the site 5 of them convert to sales leads, and 2 of them convert to customers. Then, what if you learned that through promoting your content in certain areas, say LinkedIn or through paid search, you could drive an average 1,000 new visitors a month. Now the numbers get more predictable and exciting. Optimized demand generation, matched with a replicable online sales process is your surest path to predictable revenue.

It requires work, strategy, and solid salespeople to execute. Those things don’t change. However, exciting change begins when you learn to generate leads online.