The new year is here and for a lot of businesses, that means a new website. You’ve spent weeks and months sweating over the design, layout, function, and site content of the new site. How do you ensure you’ll get great traffic when your new site goes live?


First off,if you have any questions regarding the website process, you can read about some of our most common website questions here. When we’re getting ready to launch a new site with a client, we often talk about content marketing in the form of blogging. Did you know that companies who blog receive 97 percent more links to their website? People rely on blogs as short articles to help attract, educate, and engage the right audience through your website. The value of great blog content is evident as people view blogging as the fifth most trusted source of accurate information.

Here are three tips to kickstart traffic to your new site using blog posts:

  • Create 30 to 50 blog posts that are ready to publish when your new site goes live. You can use the time while your site is being developed to create engaging, helpful blog posts that match and answer people’s questions about your industry.
  • When your new site launches, publish 10-15 blog posts to go live as soon as your site launches. Every time a new site goes live, Google and other search engines (we’re looking at you, Bing) start indexing the site content for search user access. If you have a nice library of content, like 10-15 blog posts that go live with your site, it tells search engines that you’re serious about your new web presence.
  • Queue the rest of your blog posts to publish one post a day five days a week so search engines know your site is relevant, creating great content, and people need to find it.

Blogging is an important part of content marketing, which is an ongoing conversation with your audience. Creating great blog content from day one is a fantastic way to ignite their interest and ultimately lead to new business opportunities. We’d love to learn more about your business and answer any questions you may have about your new website.

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