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Buying prospects come to your site for one reason: they think you have the answers to their questions or needs. Content marketing is about creating relevant, exciting, and attractive answers to engage prospects through the buying experience. The trick is you can’t answer questions you don’t know your prospects are asking.

Statistics show that producing enough relevant content is one of the top challenges facing businesses in 2015. (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community) How do you know what type of content to create that’s attractive to your buying prospects and current customers?

Turn your frequently asked questions into blog content

What are the common questions that customers are asking your sales team, marketing team, support staff, customer service, and management? Take your top 25 most frequently asked questions and turn them into individual blog posts to populate your blog feed. Content marketing guru Marcus Sheridan used this same approach to resurrect his pool company River Pools and Spas in 2009. He started by answering some of the first questions potential customers asked him or his sales team and provided easy-to-understand, informative answers in the form of blog posts.

Create premium content for specific high-interest areas

If you notice several questions are focusing one particular area of interest, you might want to develop a premium content piece, like an eBook, white paper, or research guide to better educate and answer your customers’ interest. 60% of consumers learn and feel better about a company after reading their brand content (

By creating custom content to speak to specific high-interest areas, you help nurture prospective buyers’ interest further down the online sales funnel towards becoming an actual sales qualified lead. With only 48% of marketers support more than three buying stages with dedicated content, you can quickly catch your competition by providing premium content for each buying stage. (source)

Clymb Marketing works with companies to create dynamic content marketing strategies. We help you attract, engage, convert, and delight buying prospects into full-scale, satisfied customers. With our experience and insight as a premier content marketing firm, you can create undeniable industry authority through valuable content with Clymb Marketing.

Quick sales generating process you can implement today:

  1. Create a custom email address for documenting frequently asked questions and their responses. (ie.
  2. Blind copy this email address when you’re answering a question from a customer that you get all of the time.
  3. Review the inbox for this email address once a week with your marketing team to produce your next set of blogs around these frequently asked questions.

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