Social media is one of those marketing tasks that every business owner knows they need to be involved in, but they either have no time to do it, have no clue where to start or simply don’t see the true ROI that it can bring.

Social Media is a proven way to build your business online as the latest report from Social Media Examiner showed that 66% of marketers saw an increase in their lead generation with as little as 6 hours per week of active use on social media.

That’s great and all but what are the tangible tasks a business should take in using social media more effectively to generate more leads that increase bottom line revenue?

We here a version of this question often so here are 3 measurable ways that you can start using social media effectively for your business today.

1. Curate valuable content

Quality content curation is one of the most effective ways to build a following for you business online. To do this effectively you really need to get specific on your target customer and nail down what they would find valuable. If you haven’t determined your buyer personas for your business here’s a free resource that could help.

For Example: If your a business coach who is targeting funded startups then you want to share content that they would be interested in.

Every startup is grappling with the problem of how they are going to grow and scale their startup so sharing articles from, NoahKagan and Justin Brooke would be incredible content to curate and share for your target demographic.

Curation Pro Tool Tip:

Check out it allows you to take the URL’s of the content that you have curated and insert your own call to action in the footer. If you curate valuable content and have a optin that is beneficial you can build an email list very fast with this tool.

2. Connect with industry influencers

Time and time again we have seen that the fastest way to grow an effective social media network is by pursuing, connecting and partnering with influencers in your target demographic. It’s the way that we built an email list of over 60k email subscribers for a publishing company eBook website

Most businesses get caught up in the numbers here when connecting with industry influencers and big volume is not exactly what we are talking about here. If you own an industrial manufacturing company an influencer may be a fork lift company in Colorado with 1,500 followers.

Influencer Pro Tool Tip:

Little Bird has been making some noise lately especially after investor Mark Cuban became an investor. This tool allows you to pin point who the influencers are in your industry are so that you can begin reaching out to them effectively.

3. Be on social platforms that your target audience is using

A common mistake for many businesses is that they try to do social media marketing in too many places. There are over 400+ social networks and based upon who your target audience is you should spend more time in niche specific social networks.

So how do you pick the right social media channel for your business? You can do so by answering the following questions:

  • Who is your customer?

    Again we can’t stress how important it is to know your customer inside and out. Look at your customer demographics and figure out what platforms they spend their time on and which social channels are likely to influence their buying behavior. Are they executives (LinkedIn), Are they stay at home mom’s (Pinterest), Are they technology early adopters (Twitter).

  • What industry are you in?

    Almost all industries now have specific social networks. For example SoRewarding is a social platform for Philanthropy that caters to those who are social responsible professionals or maybe you are targeting architects, Architizer would be a great community to become active in.

  • Where are your competitors present?

    If they are all on a particular platform, in all likelihood you can find your audience there. Do your research on where your competitors are building relationships and enter the conversation by adding value to the conversation.

What social media network have you been active for you business? Has it been effective?