Facebook cares about engagement.
Engagement requires relevance.

In order for you to engage more as you scroll through your feed, Facebook tries to provide the most relevant posts possible for you.

Your top friends, family and your favorite topics – all magically populate in your news feeds (well, not magic, it’s really because of a lot of crazy algorithms that will take us down the uber nerdy path if we aren’t careful).

For businesses like us, it’s nearly impossible to show up in your news feed unless you do the heavy lifting on your end to make us show up.

That’s right, you would have to go through the trouble of initiating by liking our page AND following our page for us to show up – and I guarantee you you’d be in the 2% of our page fans who aren’t family, personal friends or clients.

More likely than not, our customers aren’t going through the effort to follow us.

But we’re still a digital marketing agency and we’ve helped hundreds of businesses run profitable digital marketing campaigns, the majority of them using Facebook – so why in the world would we be saying Facebook is impossible to get seen in?

I’m so glad you asked that question. That fits right in line with my next point.

If you’ve been around digital marketers for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard us speak on and on about inbound and outbound. Let me simplify what those mean.

Inbound marketing is when people on the internet come in to see your stuff.

Outbound marketing is when you push your stuff out for people to see.

Back to Facebook’s mission for engagement and objective of relevancy. When anybody posts something on their own Facebook page, the only way those posts show up in somebody else’s feed is because they’ve let Facebook know that that person or page is relevant to them – i.e. inbound marketing.

So for the grand majority of us businesses who have not been liked and followed by millions or even thousands of people, we’ve got to invest in outbound marketing to be seen.

That is – unless we pay Facebook to place us in their advertising real estate across people’s news feed – we’re never going to show up in their feed.

Relevance is still important, but we have to pay to play, or in this case, pay for others to see us play.

However, when you pay Facebook, rather than waiting for people to initiate to see your page, you get to initiate and choose who you want to see your posts and ads.

Not only does Facebook’s relevance play in favor for individual users to see what they want, relevance allows businesses the chance for our paid messages and offers to be seen by the people we want.

And because Facebook uniquely has access to an abundance of personal information and descriptors freely given by over 2 billion users, advertising on Facebook provides a unique opportunity to get incredibly specific in targeting our audiences with our marketing dollars.

Sure, paying Facebook to advertise costs more than posting on your business page for free, but we’ve seen time and time again that paying to be seen by audiences we want to engage with is far more profitable than having our moms and aunts be the only folks who read our posts.

Content is still king, it just needs the proper escort to be paraded around and seen by the people.

So why would a digital marketing agency only have a single Facebook post?

Because we believe so strongly that investing in Facebook’s advertising is significantly more profitable for our business and our clients’ businesses than organic Facebook posts – and at Clymb Marketing, we’re all about leveraging digital marketing to drive predictable revenue.