Why Should I Blog?

Let’s face the facts. When Americans are spending 23 hours a week online and 3 times more minutes a day on blogs and social media than on email, it’s no wonder blogging is a great way to reach your target audience!

Below you’ll find compelling statistics that support a more valuable blogging experience plus we’ll add in a few extras on how to get the most out of your posts once they’ve been published.

It’s Profitable

  • 1.7 million adults list making money as one of the reasons they blog.
  • 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog.

Improves Search Engine Rankings

  • Keywords in blogs drive traffic from search engines.
  • Frequently updated blogs are more often featured on search engines, unlike websites that do not have timely content.

Creates Connections

  • 58% of bloggers who maintain blogs for a business say that they are better known in their industry because of their blog.
  • Blogging creates long-term relationships, which promotes repeat visits and word-of-mouth referrals.

Generates Leads

  • B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who do not.
  • 69% of businesses attribute their lead generation success to blogging.

Now that you’ve seen of all the benefits, lets digest a couple tips on what to do once you’ve published those posts!

Triple Check Yourself

Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes not only look bad, they’re embarrassing. Even though you probably proofread your post before publishing, it always a good idea to go back through and read it again just to make sure its clear of mistakes. It ensures you are making the extra effort to put your best foot forward and give your readers quality content.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Choose which social networks your personas are primarily using and focus in on that. Knowing when to promote your blog content is key. Is your audience mostly on Facebook? The most shares are just after lunch time about 1 p.m. and at around 3 p.m. is the time that gets the most clicks. Having an 18% higher engagement rate at the end of the week makes Thursdays and Fridays the best time to post your content. (Source: Buffer Social) Check out Neil Patel’s cool infographic on the best times to post on all social media channels.

Remember: Consistency Is Your Friend

You’ve published and now the fun has just begun. Post frequently by feeding your target audience with more of the type of content they are hungry for. Consistent blogging demonstrates commitment; by committing to your blog, you gain readers’ trust and encourage repeat visits. (Source: Impact)

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